Withholding Officers Names From FOIA

Secret police? Virginia considers bill to withhold all officers’ names.  Washington Post


I generally support withholding officers names due to the potential danger to their families.  All officers accept a certain level of danger when they pin that badge on their chest but they should not have to worry about their families at home.  This may have not been such an issue in years past but nowadays with the ease of the internet, simply having a name and a little information on an officer can lead a potential bad guy right to their home.

Animal Abuse Should Always be Taken Seriously by Police Agencies!

This truly saddens me to watch. I am so glad Eastpointe Police Department is taking this seriously.  There are many agencies out there that wouldn’t even bother with this.  As a society animal abuse should not be tolerated and swiftly dealt with.  The abusers should always be prosecuted and the animals rescued.  Just imagine, most people’s pets are considered a family member.  If this man can treats this poor animal like this, what else is he capable of?