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Today most Chief’s across the country received word from the IACP President Terrence M. Cunningham that he sent a letter to The Honorable Loretta Lynch, Attorney General.  This letter was intended to request answers on the following;

  • The current status of the equitable sharing fund
  • A target date for the resumption of equitable sharing payments to state and local law enforcement agencies
  • The Department of Justice’s plan for the future of the equitable sharing program

Not to long ago it was decided that the Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program payments would be suspended.  This program is where the federal law enforcement shares proceeds from seized monies and property with local law enforcement.  This single action has far reaching consequences for law enforcement.  Many departments utilize these monies to supplement their enforcement actions and provide federal law enforcement with essential extra manpower.  When these funds were cut off it essentially acted to cripple many departments who fund special task force officers with them.  These funds are often also used for training, equipment, and many other essential law enforcement purposes that they otherwise would not have access to.  Let’s hope that the Attorney General responds and acts quickly to resolve this problem.  I have attached a copy of the letter below.