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In a time when gun safety is a hot topic, there are a few options for getting rid of an unwanted gun. Melting them or donating them for police training purposes are options. However, gun amnesty programs may be your best bet, and can put a little cash in your pocket. Gun buyback events are successful in gathering unwanted guns, getting them off the streets, and improving safety.

Many cities offer annual or bi-annual gun amnesty programs. These gun buyback events general offer either a $50 gift card or up to $200 cash for the donated guns. Depending on the event, some are ran based on donations to help cover this cost. It helps get guns out of the hands of teens, makes the neighborhoods safer, reduces gun-related accidents, and prevents the guns from getting in the wrong hands.

Police officers welcome the unwanted guns, no questions asked. Many of the weapons turned in have not been registered. There is no need to explain where it came from or how you obtained it. Even if the gun is stolen, it removes the risk of being prosecuted. It is a great way to dispose of unwanted weapons. The guns that are turned in at these buyback events are usually from people who inherited them, and simply don’t want them in their home. But the officers are sometimes surprised to get more than pistols and rifles. On occasion a semi-automatic machine gun and sawed-off shotgun have also been turned in, as well.

The guns that are collected during these amnesty programs are carefully destroyed. They are generally melted down. Some cities transform the melted guns into jewelry and other art projects.

Gun buybacks are successful for most of the cities that host these events. They recover hundreds of weapons and gun accessories within a few hours. People often line up to turn them in. For some, it is a relief to know that they are getting rid of the gun safely and it takes the stress out of not knowing what might happen to it otherwise.

Weather you want to get rid of a gun because you can’t register the firearm, you no longer need the firearm, you want to avoid being charged, or you feel a sense of responsibility to get rid of the gun.