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Lip Sync battles are fan favorites. People enjoy seeing and sharing lip sync videos on various social media. The latest trend that showed up this summer is the police department lip sync challenges. Many of the videos the officers posted have gone viral.

Police officers have a serious job most of the time. Now they are taking their lip sync videos and dance moves just as seriously. The challenge all started with the Corinth, Texas Police Department. They put together a lip sync video and challenged another police department to do the same. The challenge started in early June and has since spread nationwide, as the departments continue to challenge each other.

Police across the nation have dished up their lip service in video footage of them lip syncing pop tunes. Most of the footage is done exclusive in cop cars, but not all of them. Some departments have shown they can really bust a move, as well.

Several videos that have gone viral include:

  • “Uptown Funk,” by the Norfolk Police Department
  • “Meant to Be,” by the Fairfax Police Department
  • “I Can Only Imagine,” by the Alabama Police Chief
  • “Thriller,” by the Moody Police Department

Not only has the challenge spread nationwide among law enforcement, but it is also spreading among other first responders. Examples include:

  • “Wrecking Ball,” by the Edmund Fire Department
  • :It’s Tricky,” by the Allegiance EMS

The great thing about the police lip sync battle, other than it being purely entertaining, is that it brings humor and reliability to the officers. Although not everyone is on board with the challenge. Some departments have declines to participate because they feel that it would take away from their homicide investigations and other cases. Some department, however, have noted that they produced their lip sync battles videos in one take during their lunch hour. Millions of views show that people enjoy the police