Contaminated Fish from Huron River Reach Kent Lake

A “Do Not Eat” advisory has been added this weekend by the Michigan Department of Health for area lakes that feed from the Huron River. Fish from this Michigan lake have tested positive for perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS.)

Kent Lake, part of Kensington Metropark, has been listed in the warning, along with other nearby bodies of water, including Loon Lake, and Hubbell Pond. Officials warn that parts of Oakland, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties are under advisory. All fish tested from Kent lake on August 4 came back positive.

What is PFAS?

The same chemical found in the fish swimming in Kent Lake and other bodies of water connected to the Huron River is a water-resistant product used in manufacturing to create a non-stick surface. One study shows that PFAS contamination is spreading from Selfridge, who uses the chemical for training and firefighting. Tests taken from the National Guard Base shoe the PFAS contaminating the Clinton and St. Clair lakes.

How is PFAS harmful?

PFAS can effect learning, growth, hormones, cholesterol, the immune system, the liver, the thyroid. and can even increase the risk of getting cancer. Children and pregnant women are considered high risk. Though it can’t be seen or smelled on the fish, the effects start to take their toll on those who consume it.

The advisory on not eating fish from the effected areas is in effect for people, but you should also use caution with pets. Although potential harmful to eat, these fish are not considered dangerous to touch or swim with because the PFAS do not easily enter the body through skin contact.

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