Ford Turning Newly Acquired Train Station into a Haunted House

Though Michigan Central Station stood empty for 30 years, Ford plans on turning the building into a Haunted House. What once served the Corktown area in Detroit as the main rail depot will soon feature shops, restaurants, and bars, but not before they give Detroiters a little scar.

The Michigan Central Station will be transformed into a House that will be free to the public and Ford is expecting a big turnout. The building holds historical value and since Ford purchased the building earlier this year, it brings hope to Corktown.

The vacant rail depot was built in 1913 and formally opened for business on January 4, 1914. The train station is paired with 18 stories of office space, making it the tallest train station of it’s era.

1988 was the last year that Amtrak ran a train from the station. The building has sat empty ever since, falling prey to vandals and theft. The Michigan Central Station Preservation Society was formed in 2009, in which volunteers have worked to preserve and restore the historic train station. They will continue to do so, even after the property was purchased by Ford this year for $90 million. They expect to have $270 million in repairs done in order to make use of the space again.

Ford plans to renovate the train depot and turn it into a tech center with food and shopping outlets, breathing life not only into the building, but also in the Corktown area of the city.

Detroiters don’t have to wait for the renovations to see inside the  Michigan Central Station, however. While details of the event are still pending, Ford will open the doors of this historic depot to the public.