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Police Partnering With Community Builds Trust

When the police partner with their community, it helps to build trust and cooperation. They start to hold each other accountable and rely on one another. But this doesn’t happen overnight and there is not one single way to accomplish such a partnership. Most of the time, it just take an extra step to show […]

Beware “Telemarketing Fraud”

Telemarketing Fraud – Never Give Personal Information to Unknown Callers Telemarketing Fraud Limited Only by Criminal’s Imagination The stories change over time but the purpose and result of the call to the victim remains the same.  The thief gains the victim’s confidence and the victim divulges personal information.  Victims are ashamed they fell for the bait […]

Beware “Grandparents Scam”

TELEPHONE CON ARTISTS TARGET SENIOR CITIZENS’ USING “DISTRESSED LOVED-ONE” TACTIC Across the nation, con artists are scamming grandparents out of thousands of dollars by posing as grandchildren in distress.  In one instance, Michigan, grandparents were taken for $33,000. They wire transferred $3,000 to someone they thought was their grandson after he called and claimed he was […]

Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program payments

Today most Chief’s across the country received word from the IACP President Terrence M. Cunningham that he sent a letter to The Honorable Loretta Lynch, Attorney General.  This letter was intended to request answers on the following; The current status of the equitable sharing fund A target date for the resumption of equitable sharing payments […]

Realistic Toy Guns Are Dangerous

                  Parents, please think twice about buying your child a toy gun!  I’m not saying don’t do it but make sure they are supervised carefully and fully understand the dangers in them.  Over the years I can remember countless times responding to police runs were the caller […]

USA Today Online: Ford bulks up bulletproofing in police cars

“In a sign of the times, Ford Motor says it is upgrading protection in the doors of its police cruisers to defend against armor-piercing bullets. With a greater danger that assailants will use high-powered or assault rifles with rounds that can easily punch through cars doors, Ford officials say it’s an improvement that police departments […]

Schuette: Five Ways for Parents to Keep Children Safe Online

1) Talk with Your Children about Online Safety. The Attorney General’s Social Networking Discussion Questions and Action Plan can help facilitate conversation and establish online safety guidelines. Examples include having ground rules for internet usage, have time limits on device usage and reminding kids that once something is posted online it is permanent. 2) Guard […]