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Meet Max Garbarino: A Pillar of Law Enforcement and Community Leadership

Dedicated Service, Proven Leadership

Max Garbarino stands out as a seasoned law enforcement professional and a trusted government consultant. With a career spanning various high-impact roles, including the Chief of Police and CEO of American Court Services, Max has dedicated his life to enhancing public safety and community welfare. His extensive involvement in community activities and his strategic contributions to local government highlight his commitment to fostering a safer, more connected society.

Honors and Recognitions


Wayne County Commission Certificate

Recognized for outstanding service in District 3, this certificate honors Max Garbarino’s exceptional contributions to community safety and well-being.


Common Word Alliance Award

Awarded for exemplary service to the City of Hamtramck, this accolade celebrates Max’s dedication to fostering community relations and enhancing city life.


Certificate of Appreciation from the Yemeni American Committee

This certificate was awarded to Max for his significant service to the Yemeni Community of Michigan, highlighting his commitment to cultural integration and support.

Exploring the Foundations of Authority and Governance

What Our Clients Say

‘Max Garbarino’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in resolving our complex legal issues. His proactive approach and thorough understanding of law enforcement dynamics were beyond commendable.’ – Jameson & Co.

Rebecca T., CEO of Jameson & Co.

‘I was thoroughly impressed by Max’s ability to handle sensitive community issues with such professionalism and tact. His services not only met but exceeded our expectations.’ – Cityscape Developers

Michael L., Director at Cityscape Developers

‘Working with Max was a game-changer for our community project. His insights and strategic guidance helped pave the way for a successful and inclusive outcome.’ – Urban Renewal Group

Samantha K., Project Manager at Urban Renewal Group

Get in Touch with Max Garbarino

1234 Divi St, San Francisco, CA 93245

P.O. Box 99250, Troy, MI 48099

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