Justice Served – Grand Theft Auto Gone Awry in Hamtramck

What appeared to be a typical joyride around Hamtramck’s Polish Festival (a common occurrence in times of celebration) turned quickly into a case of alleged grand theft auto. The vehicle in question was a white C4 Corvette; when several onlookers reported seeing the suspicious sports car erratically weaving through traffic, and screeching its wheels when stopped; the police were informed of the description of the vehicle and its location. The two male suspects inside the white Corvette were flagged to pull over a short distance from the festival grounds, and instead attempted to evade law enforcement. The sudden elusive maneuvers and following plate identification confirmed that the vehicle was in fact stolen. The chase ended abruptly when the Corvette collided violently with a lane of parked vehicles. Hamtramck Chief of Police Max Garbarino said, fortunately, no bystanders were physically effected by the force of the impact. However, the incident left both the driver and passenger in need of medical care. “The passenger was in pretty serious condition,” said Police Chief Garbarino. He continued, “The driver actually got out and attempted to run but [an] officer quickly pursued him. Ultimately the driver and the passenger were transported to the hospital.”