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Illegitimate Speed Limit Challenged in Hamtramck

Of all the criticisms Michigan roadways receive in their perpetual history of construction, reconstruction, and inevitable deconstruction, perhaps the most unassuming is that of the deceptive and costly speed trap. Such was the case on a strip of the NB Chrysler Service Dr. to I-75 in Hamtramck where David Cherry was stopped and ticketed for […]

To Pay the Price for the Youth of Michigan: Education Now or Incarceration Later?

           A report entitled, “Cost Savings of School Readiness Per Additional At-Risk Child in Detroit Michigan” was released today to an audience of municipal officials, teachers, parents, and concerned citizens by the faculty members of the authoring foundation: the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation. The focus of the report is on the financial […]

Hamtramck Owner of Stolen Dog Continues Search for Pet

Since July 6th, 26 year old Hamtramck resident Erica Pietryzk has been searching for her Australian Silky Terrier, Lilly. One morning Pietryzk let her dog out into her enclosed yard, and when she returned several minutes later Lilly was gone. Like any pet owner, she spent the subsequent time combing near-by streets and calling out […]

Cause of Fatal Hamtramck Fire Still Unknown

Hamtramck Chief of Police Max Garbarino, fellow officers, and the Hamtramck Fire Department are still investigating the origin of a fire that started on the morning of February 17th on Yemens St. and resulted in four fatalities. With funeral arrangements looming in the coming days still the only known information is that the fire began […]

Four Detroit Homes Connected to Alleged Auto-Insurance Fraud and Identity Theft Ring Busted

Law enforcement agencies from several Metro Detroit suburbs connected through the Action Auto Theft Task Force have recently made a breakthrough in their investigation regarding the excessive amount of fraudulent auto-insurance policies circulating the Greater Detroit Area. Many of these false policies are believed to originate from four distinct Detroit homes, all of which were […]

Justice Served – Grand Theft Auto Gone Awry in Hamtramck

What appeared to be a typical joyride around Hamtramck’s Polish Festival (a common occurrence in times of celebration) turned quickly into a case of alleged grand theft auto. The vehicle in question was a white C4 Corvette; when several onlookers reported seeing the suspicious sports car erratically weaving through traffic, and screeching its wheels when […]

City of Hamtramck Defends Islamic Right to Broadcast Prayer

When the Ideal Islamic Center moved into its current Hamtramck location on Holbrook Avenue, a short distance from the Hamtramck Senior Plaza; to say the least, heads turned and ears perked up. It is a condition of the Muslim faith that the Islamic prayer, or Salah, is conducted five times every day. Typically, only mosques […]