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Law Enforcement Solving Crimes with DNA, but Not Without Controversy

Crimes often go unsolved because of lack of evidence or the inability to prove that a particular person was at the scene of the crime. But technology is changing the way law enforcement solves crimes. Now genetics can help in solving crimes, even cold cases. While DNA can be traced through a number of online […]

Attorney General Bill Schuette Encourages Michigan Residents to Dispose of Unwanted Prescription Drugs

AG joined Walgreens to highlight new instore kiosks for disposal of unused medications GRAND RAPIDS – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today joined local law enforcement to highlight new kiosks for drug disposal in select Walgreens locations. This initiative is designed to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding homes of potentially dangerous, unwanted prescription […]

Michigan’s Seat Belt Enforcement Saves Lives

During the Click It or Ticket enforcement, from May 21 through June 3, The Michigan State Police made 14,384 traffic stops and gave out 4,364 tickets to people who were not wearing their seat belts. Research shows that seat belts are the most effective technology that we have to date for staying protected on the […]

Schuette Releases New Consumer Alert to Warn Residents About New Text Messaging Scams called “Smishing”

Smishing, a blending of the words SMS and phishing, is when scammers send text messages pretending to be from trusted sources LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced his Consumer Protection team has released a new consumer alert on “Smishing.” Smishing is when a scammer sends text messages to consumers appearing to be from […]

Shelter Dogs to Police Heroes

All dogs are not created equal. Some make great family pets. Others struggle to fit in and wind up at the shelter. But that doesn’t always its mean the end of the road for these canines. With the right training, many of these shelter dogs can be save and, in turn, save lives. While K9 […]

Protect Yourself from Police Phone Scams

Police phone scams are on the rise. Individuals and groups pretend to be police officers and prey upon innocent citizens, especially the elderly. There are a variety of police scams out there to look out for. It’s important to know what they are and how to react so you can protect yourself.   Warrant for […]

Monument for Fallen Michigan Officers Finally Gets Funding

Funding has finally been received to erect the monument for fallen Michigan officers. The Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument (MLEOM) is set to go up in Lansing, MI as a way to remember the officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Purpose for the Michigan Fallen Officers Monument Every day […]

The Push to Expand Private Police

The Push to Expand Private Police Private policing is not new to Michigan. There are currently 13 private security police agencies in our state, which mostly includes hospitals and educational institutions. However, Senate Bill 924 is getting another push. The bill would expand on these 15 agencies and expand private police. It would expand on […]