Hamtramck Owner of Stolen Dog Continues Search for Pet

Since July 6th, 26 year old Hamtramck resident Erica Pietryzk has been searching for her Australian Silky Terrier, Lilly. One morning Pietryzk let her dog out into her enclosed yard, and when she returned several minutes later Lilly was gone. Like any pet owner, she spent the subsequent time combing near-by streets and calling out for her pet-but Lilly was nowhere to be found.

Lilly was equipped with a dog-tag that listed Pietryzk’s cell phone number and home address; however helpful in the hands of a Good Samaritan, such personal information being exposed to a criminal is an unsettling reality for Pietryzk who is concerned that her info may be used to exploit her in the future. “How do I know he won’t come break into my house?” she said. Shortly after searching for Lilly, Pietryzk was contacted by a restricted number. “When I answered the phone, I said, ‘Hi do you have my dog?” The caller responded by requesting an exorbitant ransom for the return of her beloved pet; Pietryzk replied that she could not pay that amount of money and the unidentified caller/suspected thief immediately disconnected the phone call.

Hamtramck Chief of Police Max Garbarino is currently on the case; he says these types of crimes occur more often than you would think, “I know the animal rights people have complained that there have been a bunch of these thefts recently… and people need to be aware” he says. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done in these types of cases without more direct evidence. Garbarino warns that the best precaution for avoiding future petnapping is to avoid leaving pets unsupervised outside. Any newly uncovered information regarding Lilly’s whereabouts or possible return to her owner Erica Pietryzk can be reported to the Hamtramck Police Department and posted to the Missing Michigan Dogs Facebook page.

Cause of Fatal Hamtramck Fire Still Unknown

Hamtramck Chief of Police Max Garbarino, fellow officers, and the Hamtramck Fire Department are still investigating the origin of a fire that started on the morning of February 17th on Yemens St. and resulted in four fatalities. With funeral arrangements looming in the coming days still the only known information is that the fire began somewhere towards the rear of the property, and that the home was not equipped with a fire/smoke detector. The deceased are named as follows: James Parker, wife Freddye Parker, and their children, James Jr., (11 years old) and Jarred (7 years old). Paul Wilk, the Hamtramck Fire Chief has not been available for comment. Both James Parker and his wife Freddye were integrated with many aspects of the Hamtramck community, including coaching football and cheerleading for teams associated with the Detroit Police Athletic League.

Four Detroit Homes Connected to Alleged Auto-Insurance Fraud and Identity Theft Ring Busted

Law enforcement agencies from several Metro Detroit suburbs connected through the Action Auto Theft Task Force have recently made a breakthrough in their investigation regarding the excessive amount of fraudulent auto-insurance policies circulating the Greater Detroit Area. Many of these false policies are believed to originate from four distinct Detroit homes, all of which were raided on November 25th and 26th and have resulted in the arrests of three women whom authorities believe to be key-factors in the fraudulent operation. Also discovered among st the seized properties were pieces of evidence indicative of a fraudulent check writing and identity theft operation.

Even with these recent advancements, odds are that the problem of fraudulent documentation will continue; this problem isn’t a new one according to Hamtramck Police Chief Max Garbarino: “Over the last couple of years we’ve been inundated with fraudulent policies.” Some estimates even place the industry of counterfeit insurance manufacturing and distributing at over $1 million in revenue. Garbarino supposes that the increasing frequency of fake policies is in part due to the fact that they are sold at discount prices often less than $100-a lucratively economical yet feloniously illegal undercut from the increasing insurance fees car owners in Metro Detroit have grown accustom to paying. It may also be in part due to the advent of digital/printable documentation which can easily be altered.

Garbarino states that the investigation is ongoing, and that even though the arrests of several major operatives were made in Detroit; that despite the geography, “they affect us”; us in Highland Park; us in Gross Pointe Park; us in Hamtramck, and anywhere close enough to be exposed to and enticed by inexpensive but fraudulent auto-insurance policies.

Hamtramck Receives Both New Police and Fire Chief in Swearing-In Ceremony

In a precedent setting commencement on Friday in the 31st District Courtroom at Hamtramck City Hall, both acting Chief of Police Max Garbarino and acting Chief of Fire Paul Wilk were officially sworn in as Hamtramck’s new serving police chief and serving fire chief.

This is the first concurrent swearing in of two chiefs of public service in the history of Hamtramck and has garnered much attention from friends, family, municipal officals, and even U.S. Representative John Conyers.


The official oaths were administered by Judge Paul Paruk who entreated the two acting chiefs Max Garbarino and Paul Wilk to consummate their oath to Hamtramck as sworn and serving officials. Garbarino and Wilk gracefully agreed to uphold the municipal responsibilities appointed to them. Garbarino received former chief Marek Kalinowski’s badge and the audience erupted into celebration as the swearing in was made official.


The commencement was an inspiring boost of morale, in an otherwise particularly delicate time for law-enforcement and the city of Hamtramck-in part due to several heinous crimes committed in the preceding weeks.


Two young women, Ashley Conaway and Abreeya Brown were kidnapped on February 28th from a house on Andrus St. and found dead on the west side of Detroit on March 25th, five men were charged with their kidnapping and murders.


Police Chief Max Garbarino responded to a carjacking turned sexual assault on March 2nd. Later arrested, 25 year old Tonio Dace was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, and carjacking for his abduction and abuse of three women attending a music festival in Hamtramck.


It was the expedited resolutions of these atrocious acts, undoubtedly due in part to the newly appointed officials that reinvigorated the spirit and city of Hamtramck.


Garbarino went on to expand his vision for economic reparation in the city consulting his experience in the study of law, (which he will substantiate with the receipt of a law degree in the coming weeks). One of his directives was to place greater importance and encouragement on the neighborhood watch groups which would assist police patrols and allow for more specific and necessary allocation of public resources.


Justice Served – Grand Theft Auto Gone Awry in Hamtramck

What appeared to be a typical joyride around Hamtramck’s Polish Festival (a common occurrence in times of celebration) turned quickly into a case of alleged grand theft auto. The vehicle in question was a white C4 Corvette; when several onlookers reported seeing the suspicious sports car erratically weaving through traffic, and screeching its wheels when stopped; the police were informed of the description of the vehicle and its location. The two male suspects inside the white Corvette were flagged to pull over a short distance from the festival grounds, and instead attempted to evade law enforcement. The sudden elusive maneuvers and following plate identification confirmed that the vehicle was in fact stolen. The chase ended abruptly when the Corvette collided violently with a lane of parked vehicles. Hamtramck Chief of Police Max Garbarino said, fortunately, no bystanders were physically effected by the force of the impact. However, the incident left both the driver and passenger in need of medical care. “The passenger was in pretty serious condition,” said Police Chief Garbarino. He continued, “The driver actually got out and attempted to run but [an] officer quickly pursued him. Ultimately the driver and the passenger were transported to the hospital.”